As a reputable organization INSB Class Society is dedicated to conducting all of its operations in a safe, responsible, impartial and ethical way, thus being regarded as a highly reliable, competent and trustworthy provider within the maritime industry.

Based upon the very same principals and ethics as enrooted by its founders, back in 1977, INSB experts and staff have shared values for uncompromising quality, sustainable growth and factual result orientation.

The professional practices and activities of INSB Class:

  • are delivered in good faith, honesty and fairness;
  • apply our adopted corporate policies and procedures;
  • are based on defined standards and internationally accepted criteria;
  • attribute respect for local and international ethics while delivered in different environments throughout the world;
  • are rendered from a transparent, objective and independent stand point.

INSB Class business deliverables and technical services satisfy internationally recognized safety and quality standards, IMO Conventions, Flag States national requirements and general EU criteria.

Elements of how our ship care system and our ship classification services gain stakeholders confidence worldwide. Evidence of how the INSB Class services applied aim to achieve and retain ship’s technical integrity and fleet optimization.

Technical Certification Services

Our certification portfolio for existing ships includes verification of compliance with:

Our Process

We appreciate that operating safety and reliability of your fleet are vital to your everyday marine commitments.
INSB's loyalty to operational safety is eminent as we work to identify & manage potential risks to achieve improved ship safety and compliance throughout vessels demanding lifecycle.

Our activities are supported by the expertise and resources developed over almost 4 decades in offering survey & classification services via highly trained surveyors, auditors and experts who apply their decisive experience and knowledge for improving ship safety standards and creation of sound operational reliability and endurance.

We respect tight shipping schedules and by being available 24/7 we focus on our high responsiveness and technical expertise that can make a difference to you and your classed fleet.

We are conscious for operationally sound vessels that perform best in an uninterrupted manner. Thus, we strive for vessels continued technical integrity and fleet optimization by means of regular ship survey program and technical assessments.